About Us

The Mid America Truck and Tractor Pullers Association (MATTPA) started back in the late 1980’s as the Nebraska Power Pullers Association (NPPA). During the next 20 years the group continued to grow and flourish.

In late 2014 it was decided that the group should re-brand itself. The group that started back in the late 80’s with stock pickups for the local fairs had grown to have members from 5 different states and events in 4 states and now included many more classes such as tractors.


6 classes of pulling trucks and tractors

Street Modified Trucks, Diesel Trucks, Modified Trucks and Limited Pro Tractors Ranging from 500 HP to 1— HP

Each class has 2 weight divisions making the show approximately 3 hours

MATTPA Responsibilities:

MATTPA provides an event announcer (Event Promoter to provide announcing equipment)

MATTPA provides Track Officials

Promoter Responsibilities:

Promoter provides announcing equipment

Promoter responsible for hiring an NASOA sled

Promoter provides track and track prep equipment/personnel

Promoter provides 2 people to hook/unhook the sled

Minimum track requirement of 300 feet long by 25 feet wide (The bigger the track the better!!)