MATTPA Payouts

The MATTPA does not payout for placing at individual events during the season. A few years ago we recognized that we need all of our pullers to make our show and not just the top three of each class. At that time we decided to make some changes and do something that no other organization has attempted.

First we take our expenses of running the association off the top of what we are paid from each show. This is a set amount that goes to pay for Insurance, Accountant, Website maintenance, Track Officials, Announcer, Awards Banquet, and Fair Conventions.

Next we take $100.00 per class (light and heavy) and put toward the points fund. Additionally all hook fees for the class go toward the points fund.

The remaining money is equally distributed to all fully paid members in attendance for that event with a “fuel check”. Usually this equates to between $100.00 – $150.00 per event but is completely dependent upon how many members are pulling that day.

One time hooks pay $90.00 per event. They get no payout or fuel check. $60.00 of this goes for insurance for that day and the remaining $30.00 is the competitors hook fees for the event. The hook fees go into the point fund.

With a fully insured membership costing only $200.00 ($150.00 for USPA insurance and $50.00 association membership) it is beneficial to become a full member if you can make at least two events that year.